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Nordic Freedoms

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Category: Tankers Ship.
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Name of Ship  Nordic Freedom
Lenght Models  1.40 meter
Ordered by  NORDIC American Tanker Shipping Ltd., Sandefjord, Norway


Technical data of the actual ship, MT Nordic Freedom:

Year built:   2005
Yard:   Daewoo Shipbuilding, Korea
Type of vessel:   Double hull oil tanker
Classification:   Det norske Veritas
+ 1A1 oil tanker ESP, EO, LCS (SI), VC-2, NAUTICUS (Newbuilding)
LOA:   274.0m
LBP:   264.0 m
Depth (moulded):    23.7 m
DWT (summer):   159,500 mt

No of tanks:   12
Tank capacity:
(including slop tanks)
  174,000 m3 (98% capacity)
Cargo handling:
No of cargo pumps:   3 centrifugal pumps
Discharge rate total combined:   10,500 (t/hr water)
No of manifolds/segregations:   6/3
Connection standard:   ANSI
Cargo heating (max temp.)   66 deg C
Heating Coils   Stainless Steel

Propulsion detail:
Main engine:   B&W 6S70MC
Main engine output:   22,920 bhp at 91 rpm
Service speed:   15.2 knots at 60.7 mt HFO
Aux. consumption:   4 mt/day
Fuel capacity:   4,600 mt (100%)

Lifting equipment:
Cranes:   2
Capacity:   15 mt